King’s Mountain (1780) Order of Battle for Volley & Bayonet

I’ve been doing a bit of order of battle research for the American Revolution in my limited free time. I worked out this order of battle for the Volley & Bayonet rules by Frank Chadwick. It uses the “Division Scale” rather than the “Regiment Scale” which is the defacto scale in the new Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory rules. You can easily convert the order of battle to any other set of wargame rules you use. Basically most of the troops were average to better militia. The British Loyalist militia had plug (not socket) bayonets. The American Volunteers were Loyalist provincial troops (not regulars); they were armed with the Ferguson rifle, which did have a bayonet. None of the American/Rebel riflemen or the company of Loyalist militia riflemen had bayonets, but they did have tomahawks. Click on the link below for the complete file.

King’s Mountain Oct 1780


2 Responses to King’s Mountain (1780) Order of Battle for Volley & Bayonet

  1. jdglasco says:

    As to your first question, I think you can separate companies (really divisions of two companies) as that is how regiments operated in the real world. For example, during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, the Hessian Bose regiment is reported to have swung half the regiment around to face a treat from the rear.

    As to your second question, there are improvements in the second edition; I felt it was a good purchase, but then I’d been waiting for over 10 years to get a hold of the second edition.

    I’ve got a new version of how to use VnB to play the AWI so I’ll post that today.


  2. Joe says:

    Thanks for posting all of the AWI OOBs. I do have a question which I always wondered about.
    At division scale in V&B2, can the separated companies of each regiment move independently of each other? Or do they have to remain in contact?
    I want to buy the second edition having only played the 1st edition but was concerned that it being published by a figure manufacturer might influence rules to add extra figures to the tabletop rather than a real improvement in playability. Would you say that this is the case, or should I go for it?


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