And now King’s Mountain for Johnny Reb 3/AWI

In a discussion of American Revolution rules on The Miniatures Page, someone noted that the real test of rules for the American Revolution was if they would work for the Battle of King’s Mountain as it is such a weird battle: lots of riflemen, no regular troops, dense terrain, etc. I think the real test is Cowpens: lots of cavalry, small battle, variety of troops, and little artillery, but I see the merit in the King’s Mountain thesis. So I did a bit of research and came up with this order of battle for King’s Mountain. It is a smaller game, but then Johnny Reb works well for smaller battles. I need to paint up a 18 more American riflemen and the American Volunteers to play this scenario, but I hope to play it this year. If I do play it I’ll try to write up a more formal scenario for it.

Click here for the King’s Mountain order of battle via Johnny Reb 3: King’s Mountain Jan 2015

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