Fast Play Rights & Treason (Fast Play Grande Armee) Version 1.3

In some recent comments, I mentioned my attempt to do a Fast Play Grande Armee set of charts for the American Civil War. Looking at my blog, I realized that I had not posted the updated version of the charts. They are loosely based on Sam Mustafa’s Rights & Treason variant for Might & Reason and his Fast Play Grande Armee rules. If you have the Fast Play Grande Armee rules, you can work out the charts. I think that with some of the campaign rule ideas from Blucher, I can actually make the Napoleonic Fast Play Grande Armee rules and my Fast Play Rights & Treason rules work for a campaign (more on that later).

Here is the third version of the rules: ACW Charts v 1.3 16 gun


7 Responses to Fast Play Rights & Treason (Fast Play Grande Armee) Version 1.3

  1. Joe says:

    Are skirmishers still a factor in thh ACW version? I didn’t see any reference in the playsheet that you have kindly posted.

    Also, is there a copy of the Rights and Treason variant still floating around online do you know?

    Many Thanks


  2. Joe says:

    I don’t have Might and Reason but I would still like to try your version. Could I get away with it based on your charts together with FPGA only?


  3. jdglasco says:

    The command dice are different as is some of the combat charts. My version is not 100% Fast Play Grande Armee, instead it is a mix of FP GA and Might & Reason. If you have FP GA and Might & Reason all of the charts will make sense to you. I have not played FP GA, but I have used an earlier version of these FP R&T rules and I could run a 30,000 or so a side battle in 3 to 4 hours. I just like the way the rules work; that is more important to me than how long the games take. I actually like my version of FP GA (which I will revise and post the charts for soon) better than Blucher. Blucher is too much towards the fast and easy side for me and too much driven by the systems as far as I can tell having read through all of the downloads on the Honour page.


  4. joe says:

    I like the look of this, I plan to use it in my larger scale ACW games which are maybe beyond the scale of ADF. It looks like the main difference between the standard and fast play versions of GA is the introduction of command dice. Does it really speed up the play significantly.
    I found GA to be play fairly quickly anyway – waterloo in a day for example.
    I will have to try fast play as well but I think these charts are good for both versions of GA.


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