Original Rights & Treason Material

Joe asked for this so I thought I would post it as it is hard to find. All Rights & Treason material is copyright by Sam A. Mustafa.

Basic Rule Notes: Rights-and-Treason

Rights and Treason Charts: Rights and Treason Charts

Both of the above files are by Sam Mustafa


2 Responses to Original Rights & Treason Material

  1. jdglasco says:

    You are welcome. I’d be interested in hearing how your rule change ideas work out as they sound very solid.


  2. Joe says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post these. It completes the picture for me, I have enough info now to try a game. The only thing that I would consider altering would be to allow infantry fire to hit on a 5 or 6 at half full range. ie 0-2 BW. Also, I would allow firing through difficult terrain up to 4BW with a to hit factor of 6, to represent skirmishing.
    I totally concur with the changes you make to artillery range and to hit factors.
    Thanks again.


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