Zombies with Two Hours Wargame Rules

Today my son and I had a some time to play a zombies game with the Two Hour Wargames All Things Zombie rules. We primarily used the Better Dead Than Zed version with the scenario rules from the Final Fade Out version.We played a search scenario where the characters were searching some old buildings for food or other things they could find. We used the following characters:

1. Steve: Rep 5 star armed with an assault rifle and a knife.

2. “Jacket Man”: Rep 4 with two “big ass pistols” and a knife.

3. Buella: Rep 5 with an assault rifle and a knife.

4. The Reverend Horton Heat: Rep 4 with a “big ass pistol” and a knife.

We ended up fighting zombies for the most part, and killed 14 of them plus a single “ganger” human armed with a machine pistol. The game took an hour and a half to play, and in the end the survivors (us) were able to defeat all of the zombies and the ganger, and did we find some food and a special item. We both played on the same side. My son ran Steve and “Jacket Man”, and I ran Buella and The Reverend Horton Heat. Overall, the Two Hour Wargame rules are a lot of fun for a quick skirmish game.

The figures are Wargames Factory 28mm. The buildings are the Hobo set from Plasticville. The cars are a mix of old cars I found in my children’s old toys and some Siku cars I got from Amazon.com. The Siku cars fit very well with the 28mm figures in terms of size.

Here is the general table layout. The players entered from the left side:


Here is “Steve”, our star character:


Here is “Jacket Man” in one of the Plasticville buildings. They are a good match for 28mm figures. The roof is off to let in some light for the photo.


Here are some pictures of the Siku cars. They fit very well with the 28mm figures:




Photos by my son, James. Pretty good for one of his early attempts to photograph our games with his phone’s camera.

2 Responses to Zombies with Two Hours Wargame Rules

  1. jdglasco says:

    SJB, the Two Hour Wargame rules are very good. They allow you to play a quick and enjoyable skirmish game for just about any period. We have used them for French and Indian Wars, World War Two and Zombies. Coming up soon my son and I are going to try out a very small Roman vs. German ancient era game.


  2. SJB says:

    That looks interesting. I hadn’t thought of zombie games.


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