My First Toy Soldiers


Way back in 1966 or so, I got my first set of toy soldiers, at least the first one I remember playing with. No rules, all free play back then. It was the Marx 1964 Fort Apache set. I played with that toy a lot when I was very young. I think a few pieces are still around in the box of “big” toy soldiers that I have stored away. When my son was very young he also played with some of those old toys. The set above is slightly different from the one I had, but the figures look like the ones I had. So this is what my “old school” wargaming was like.


5 Responses to My First Toy Soldiers

  1. Bill Owen says:

    I had the popular Timmee Toys WWII 54mm from early 60s in the sandpile and ships for various lakes and rivers built when the pool was not up. But my first brush with classic soldier were a huge set of painted lead knights from Spain which were about 40mm.

    Then of course Airfix 1:76th & 1:87 AHM Roco Minitanks and it was off to the officially rule-bound races when I got Fast Rules from Leon Tucker and GRT/Tractics around 1969. Up to then our “rules” we called Greek Artillery as one of us would watch through binox, the fall of the shot (rocks then BB gun from 50 yards–we hardly ever hit).

    Much of this early-days-of-wargaming vibe has been written up in my “highly-rate” Kindle Judges Guild’s Bob & Bill: A Cautionary Tale (#31 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Crafts & Hobbies > Miniatures).

    Because we have been in transit (Belize-Uruguay) for about 3.5 years, my go-to miniatures (that are a snap to set-up) have been 1:3000 scale Navwar WWII ships which we have done River Plate (of course) and soon Denmark Straits, Narvik and Crete, the latter 2 will be combined with company-per-stand ground rules, GBoWWII, when we get moved into the house this coming weekend (if all goes according to plan which is 5 months late already).


  2. redcaer1690 says:

    I’m in a very dangerous wargaming nostalgia phase myself at the moment! I feel a pressing need to buy Timpo Cowboys and Indians!
    Thanks for posting, it helps!
    Mike B


    • jdglasco says:

      I’ve been painting some Wargames Factory ancient Germans today. My son and I are going to do Roman-German skirmish with the Two Hour Wargames Swordplay rules. Those figures are so much better than what I used 45 years ago, but you do have to put the Wargames Factory figures together, and it does help to paint them. Having said that, I was just three when I got the Marx Fort Apache set.

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