Greene’s Southern Campaign Turn 1 (December 3, 1780)

I got home from the eye doctor today and had a bit of free time so I gave the first turn of my Greene’s Southern Campaign a try. The system worked out well and I was able to do all of the moves of both sides in about two hours. I think it took a bit of time as I had to consult some of the campaign rules a few times and I found an error in the original overall order of battle (one loyalist militia unit was listed twice).

Here is the revised overall campaign order of battle: Greene’s Southern Campaign JR3 AWI

Here is a summary of the campaign turn:

Summary of Turn 1: December 3, 1780
Greene’s South Campaign

Throughout this turn both sides moved forces in preparation for future operations. There were no battles this turn. Due to the presence of supplies through magazines and the lack of forced marches by both sides, neither side lost any stands to attrition.

The British moved to shore up their lines of communication with troops moving from Charleston to Georgetown (Campbell and his King’s American Regiment), to Monck’s Corner (Watson with his Provincial Light Infantry Battalion, the detachment of the 17th Regiment of Foot, and 300 mounted militia: Colleton and Cheraws County), and towards Beaufort (Granville County militia). Leslie marched from Charleston to Orangeburg with the Guards Brigade, the Hessian von Bose Regiment, the Hessian jaegers, and artillery (6 x 6-pdr and 2 x 3-pdr). Tarleton joined Cornwallis at Winnsboro to reorganize their forces for deployment against Morgan’s column and Greene. Finally, Craig went to sea to threaten North Carolina with the 82nd Regiment of Foot, the 2nd Battalion/84th Regiment of Foot, and 2 x 6-pdrs supported by HMS Blonde, HMS Otter, HMS Delight, HM Galley Balfour, HM Galley Shark, HM Galley Viper and two gunboats.

The Americans moved to reinforce their holdings and to challenge the British in Georgia and South Carolina. Jones marched his Halifax, North Carolina Militia Brigade towards Wilmington, North Carolina. Supplies were sent from Virginia towards Salisbury to support Greene’s Army. Marion moved his brigade westward to more directly threaten the British near Georgetown. Greene retreated with the Maryland Brigade, Buford’s Virginia Regiment, Rose’s Virginia riflemen, and Singleton’s 6-pounder artillery battery in hopes of gaining a better supplied position. Finally, Morgan moved to Cowpens with the North Carolina 6-pounder artillery battery, the Light Brigade (Maryland/Delaware Light Battalion and Triplett’s Virginia riflemen), Washington’s 3rd Dragoons, and the remnants of Steven’s Virginia Militia Brigade to join with Pickens’ Brigade which should join them in late December.

Here is the situation at the end of the December 3, 1780 turn (click on the map for a larger image):

GSC End Dec 3


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