Piquet Version of Greene’s Southern Campaign

I’ve been rebasing my 15mm American Revolution figures for Piquet. So far I’ve been able to rebase 500 or so of them. I still need to rebase a few key units (British Legion Infantry and Lee’s Legion infantry and cavalry) before I can start the campaign (and then another 100 or so more to have all of my American Revolution figures based for Piquet. I don’t have every exact unit, but I’m going to do some similar substitutions (like the British 4th Regiment of Foot for the 23rd Regiment of Foot) so I can play the campaign. Below are the campaign order of battle (updated from the Johnny Reb 3 version) and the campaign rules with lots of Piquet specific rules and recommendations of what rules to use from the Piquet Cartouche supplement.

Order of Battle: Blog Greene’s Southern Campaign Piquet

Campaign Rules (for Piquet): PK GSC Campaign rules

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