Link to Swordplay (Two Hour Wargames)

I forgot to add the link to where you can get a FREE copy of the Swordplay rules by Two Hour Wargames. Go to here: There you can get a copy of Swordplay for free as well as a copy of the base rules for most of the Two Hour Wargame rules, Chain Reaction 3.1 and a draft copy of the new Chain Reaction 2015 rules.



One Response to Link to Swordplay (Two Hour Wargames)

  1. Bill Owen says:

    Thanks for the link. I noted that they have a larger scaled ruleset (40-60 troops/figure) that is designed for linked campaign advancement. Sort of the D&D “outdoor adventure” without the fantasy.

    And for terrain generation one could use either: geomorphic cards or big map


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