Nuts! Final Version House Rules

My Piquet campaign for Greene’s Southern Campaign is stalled as I rebase and paint a few more figures, plus it is a challenge to find the time to play a longer game now that my college/university courses have started up again. I needed a shorter game, and of course the Two Hour Wargames rules came to mind. I’ve been painting some figures for Nuts! Final Version so that seemed like a good place to start. I was reviewing the Final Version rules and decided I wanted to use the following house rules. A .pdf of them is here: House Rules for Nuts. I could not get the new vehicle and guns tables to format correctly on wordpress, so you’ll have to look at them via the .pdf file.

House Rules for Nuts! Final Version
Version 1.0
by Jeff Glasco

1. For prone in a HE blast area, reduce the HE Impact of the attacking weapon by 2, then roll on the Ranged Combat Damage table for effects.
Discussion: This lessens but does not eliminate the chance for damage if prone. For example, a Rep 4 figure who is prone in the blast area of a grenade (HE impact value of 2) has 4/9 chance of not being out of the fight or dead (also a 5/9 or 55% chance of being killed or out of the fight). If the same figure was not prone, he would have a 70% of being killed our out of the fight.

2. Prone figures in the open can be shot at by a standing enemy within 1″ and not count as prone.
Discussion: If you run up next to a prone figure and are shooting down on him, he really should not get the prone advantage when you are right next to him.

3. Prone figures may move 2″. They may also attempt to fast move as per the rules.
Discussion: When I was an infantry officer, we did a lot of prone movement, getting up might get you shot.

4. In the attack mission, the player should start with his squad and three rolls on the reinforcement chart for his starting forces. The defender (NP) should start with the normal 3 PEFs. Both sides get +1 to their investment levels.
Discussion: If doing a deliberate attack, you get all of your forces up front then attack, but there is still the chance for some random reinforcements.

5. In the defend mission, the player should start with his squad and two rolls on the reinforcement chart for his starting forces. The attacker (NP) should start with four rolls on the reinforcement chart. Both sides get +1 to their investment levels.

6. In melee, a player may opt to fight to capture rather than kill his opponent. This is essential for those prisoner grab missions. To capture a prisoner, the enemy must be defeated in melee. If a figures wins by 2 or more successes, the enemy is subdued rather than killed. If the figure wins by 1 success, the enemy is OOF as normal.
Discussion: I got this from The Big Hurt, it makes taking a prisoner possible.

7. Allow platoon leaders or platoon sergeants to activate his own group and any other groups under his command if the leaders of those groups are within 12″ and LOS. The leadership dice of the platoon leader or platoon sergeants can only be applied to the group that he is with. Only one leader die can be applied to a group at a time, use the die of the leader with the highest rank.
Discussion: This is from Nuts! 2nd edition and allows the platoon leadership to do their real jobs; I know I was once an infantry platoon leader.

8. Add the following modifiers to the number of dice rolled during an In Sight Check:
*Enemy is Prone, including crawling = -1d6
Discussion: Prone or crawling figures are harder to see, even if in concealment.
*Enemy is camouflaged = – 1d6
Discussion: This means extensive camouflaged such as a sniper suit or fighting positions or in a building where the defender has a long time to camouflage his position.

9. Add to Received Fire Test: Any figure within 4″ and LOS to this figure will also take the test. Thus, even if a figure is not directly targeted, he can return fire against an enemy figure that shot at a figure within 4″ of him.
Discussion: The new rules of only the figure fired on possibly returning fire just didn’t work for me.



4 Responses to Nuts! Final Version House Rules

  1. Bill Owen says:

    I have given up on MUF which must have little gamer acceptance nor much support on the CDTOB forum by those who you would think would want to boost it. Chain of Command from TFL seemed like a worthy alternative but taking your recommendation, I am going for Nuts. I decided that Pegasus Bridge is not necessary per se and indeed maybe I will do just a slice of the first few minutes.

    I like the fact that the games have an included character advancement option so that linked games will mean something in a larger context. And amazingly that they can be played like a single team vs. the system — essentially D&D for WWII. A friend in the Chicago area may have been playing Nuts as he was a Pz II commander in Poland and with each game (that he survived) he could advance to platoon commander, then upgraded to Pz III etc. And if he doesn’t show maybe he was in the hospital! (Losing advancement–penalty for no-show!)

    Incidentally, I will be putting up a Nuts page and gather all the free fan pages (like yours linked at top) …thanks for your recommendation.

    *Actually one reason I am taking a more general approach is wanting to find suitable miniatures which I am coming close to settling on Perry Miniatures from the UK: 28mm (big enough to have character) and plastics allow you to reposition arms and put on different head gear and other kit so that each figure will be unique. I figure that’s better than having numerous duplicate guys in your squad. The only downside is the shocking price of the 1/56 vehicles!


    • jdglasco says:

      I went with 15mm due to the costs of 28mm vehicles. I use Battlefront/Flames of War figures and you might get a couple of duplicates in a platoon, but not that many. I look forward to your Nuts! page.


  2. jdglasco says:


    There are supplements for Nuts!. I just looked through The Big Hurt one and it is really well done. I looked at the actual history behind the scenarios and I could see that they were really based on something, even to the point that I could identify the actual regiment of the first set of scenarios.

    I think Nuts! is too small in focus for Pegasus Bridge. To do the actual bridge combat, you need something in between Nuts! and Command Decision. I have looked a little bit at Battlegroup Panzergrenadier (by the guy who does General de Brigade) and it looked interesting for the 1 unit = a squad scale, but I have not actually read the full rules or played the game.


  3. Bill Owen says:

    Good to see this. I have been wanting to do a simple Pegasus Bridge scenario and puzzling about what rules to use. I respect that you chose Nuts and wonder what others you considered.

    My goal is small games for newbie people. To that end I have also looked at Chain of Command by Two Fat Lardies which may have more “support”.

    Do you have a runner-up alternative to Nuts that I should consider or just buy it and get on with it?

    I posted a question about preferences on the CD:TOB forum today too. But I wonder if much is going in either MUF or CD world 😦


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