The British Legion in 15mm for Piquet (Cartouche – American Revolution)

One of my favorite units in the American Revolution is the British Legion. While it was around for a couple of years before 1781, it’s most famous action was at Cowpens (January 1781), and late the remnants fought mounted at Guildford Courthouse (March 1781). The strength at the start of the 1781 campaign was around 250 dragoons (later supplemented by around 50 men of the 17th Light Dragoons) and 200 or so infantry. The legion also had one 3-pdr attached to them which was crewed by a few men from the Royal Artillery, but the bulk of the crew was provided by the British Legion.

In Piquet terms, I would rate the British Legion like this:

British Legion (brigade):
Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton (Skilled)
British Legion Dragoons (6 troops =250):
1st Squadron: 3 stands, Regulars, Swords & pistols
2nd Squadron: 2 stands, Regulars, Swords & pistols
British Legion Infantry (4 companies = 200): 4 stands*, Regulars (-1), SBM
British Legion Artillery (2×3-pdr): 1 stand, Regulars (-2), L SB
British Legion Infantry as artillerists (1×3-pdr galloper)
7th Regiment of Foot as artillerists (1×3-pdr galloper)

I have included the additional 3-pdr galloper cannon that the 7th Regiment of Foot brought along with them when they joined Tarleton’s command. Additionally the 50 men of the 17th Light Dragoons would expand the dragoon element into three squadrons, each of two stands. I opted to use 2-3 stand cavalry units as that better represented the squadrons that cavalry in the American Revolution operated in; it also prevents cavalry units from becoming too powerful. The infantry of the legion are based on 2 figure stands, which are normally in open order, but can also use skirmish order. That is how I base my infantry that are part of legions, such as Lee’s Legion. My reading of the primary sources shows that they were used more as light infantry than regular infantry, whom I based 3 to a stand.

For painting I used these two images by Don Troiani. I felt the infantry jackets would be a bit darker like the dragoons. I painted the roll at the rear of the saddles green like the uniforms, but they might be red as the cloaks originally issued to the dragoons were red. So your call on what color to paint them.

British Legion Cowpens

British Legion Dragoon 1780

Here are photos of my British Legion figures. The dragoons are by Polly Oliver and the infantry are by Blue Moon.










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