Piquet-Cartouche American Revolution: 3rd Battle of Windy Lane

About a month ago, Mark, my son James, and I were able to play another game of Piquet/American Revolution. It was a hypothetical game designed to reacquaint use with the rules. To do that we included infantry, light infantry, cavalry, and artillery units so we could remember how all arms worked. Both sides had 22 units, the British had 5 brigades or sub-commanders and the Americans had 7 brigades or sub-commanders. Overall, in terms of quality, the British had a big advantage and that helped them win the overall game. My son and Mark played the British and I played the Americans. I don’t have a specific battle report as the game was a month ago (right after that my family went to Los Angeles for a Thanksgiving break that included 4 days at Disneyland, so that has basically filled up my limited short term memory). Overall, the battle was focused on a right for the center, with the British taking the hill in the American center, being driven off by a counter attack by the Maryland Brigade, and then retaking the hill, which pretty much exhausted the American’s army morale chips.

We all had a good time and we were able to play a larger game by Piquet scales in less than 8 hours, which included lunch, some conversations, and some dog playtime (Mark’s dog and mine). Of course, we had forgotten a few rules and I misunderstood the rules for multi-units attacking one unit (sorry about that Mark, your British Legion cavalry got cheated of a few Ups in the big cavalry melee). Even so, we were able to play a good sized game in a reasonable amount of time (about 6 hours game time) and most importantly have a good time. Now I need to try a few smaller games, but that will have to wait until Christmas as I’m in the process of grading 21 seminar papers, 39 take home final exam essays, and I have to load all of one online course and some of another in the next week and a half (plus buy some Christmas gifts for my wife).

Here are some pictures of the game. Mark had a new camera with the ability to take panoramic pictures, so I’ll post those as well when he is able to send them to me.

And now the photos (in some cases you can click on the photo for a larger image):

An overview of the battle:

Battle Set Up

The American Right Wing:

American Right

The British Center Advances (Mark’s dog was temporarily in command):

British Center Advances

The British Legion Advances:

Tarletons' Brigade advances

And now some unit photos:

American Riflemen:

American Rifleman

Lee’s Legion Infantry:

Lee's Legion infantry

Maryland Continentals:

Maryland Continentals

71st Highlanders:

71st Highlanders

The Guards Brigade:

British Guards Brigade

British Artillery:

British Artillery

A squadron of British Legion Dragoons back by British Infantry:

British Legion Dragoons and British Infantry

Tarleton’s Brigade:

Tarleton's Brigade

British Legion Dragoons:

British Legion Dragoons 1

Some local gentlemen who turned out to observe the battle:

Local gentlemen observing


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