More Zombies with Two Hour Wargames

One New Years’ Day, my son and I played a zombie game using the Two Hour Wargame rules (Final Fade Out). I set up the game and ran the non-player controlled forces as per the NPC rules in the game. My son ran the good guy survivors. He had six fairly good survivors and his mission was to clear the board of zombies and bad guy gangers. To set up the zombies and gangers I made some PEFs with each human PEF being 1d3 humans, each zombie PEF being 1d6 zombies and a few mixed PEFs that could be either.

The human survivors moved out smartly in two groups of three and were able to defeat all of their foes without a single casualty. In the end, they encountered four gangers, which they dispatched and a total of 15 zombies, all of which ended up destroyed. The only risky moment came when one zombie closed with one of the humans, who promptly dispatched it. It was an interesting scenario and everyone had a good time, which is what the outcome should be considering this is something we did for fun. I made a few mistakes in the rules (mostly doing In-sight checks by groups like Nuts! rather than individuals). I do think we can run a zombie campaign in the not so distant future. We are a bit short of 28mm buildings but between paper buildings and Lego buildings, I think we can make it work.

The game included the debut of a new building. It is a Plasticville Two-Story House ( It was pretty easy to assemble, but a lot to paint due to its size (I’m use to painting 6mm to 15mm buildings).

Here are the photos (some didn’t turn out that great as the room was pretty dark when I took the photos):

First, some of the new house:

Farm House 4

Farm House 6

Farm House 5

Here are the human survivors (the good guys):

Good Guys 1

Good Guys 2

The potential gangers (the bad guys):

Bad Guys 1

Bad Guys 2

Bad Guys 3

Overview of the table (it was 6’x4′):


Some odds and ends close ups:

Black Car 2

Shacks 1

Girl 1

Steve Johnson

Zombie 1

Zombie 13

Zombie 5


6 Responses to More Zombies with Two Hour Wargames

  1. Lee VanSchaik says:

    I am interested in using some of your 15mm ACW photos for a publication. Can you get in touch with me to see if we can get some copies of them please. email provided


  2. Bill Owen says:

    Yes, I realize that they have a Hollywood or RPG thrust …and a purist could just deduct that. But initially I just want to understand how to make the game go.

    When you say you you ran the NPC characters, were you doing that as the Judge or playing their side lightly or with a hard-push? It has occurred to me wonder about the difference between the game system running the enemy and having an experienced gamer acting as am “historical consultant” / judge… basically like a D&D game set in WWII.

    Starting at age 8, when my daughter and I would Cathedral I just wouldn’t try that hard but over time I found I was hanging on by my fingernails to have even a modest chance of winning!

    While my potential players here mostly have the experience of 0-3 wargames, my initial interest is in assuring that they are not burnt by the experience and not want to repeat.

    OTOH I have also wondered about a campaign… like I heard of a friend who played as a Pz II commander in Poland and if he served he might get a Platoon of Pz II’s and later an upgraded tank and so on. Since there are built-in carrots and sticks to discourage crazy “last turn” tactics, this would make for a game where you care about your character and your troops that are gaining experience if you don’t get them killed off. But to a newbie, the whole experience is bound to be plenty to absorb without these nuances.

    In the meantime, I have made great progress at assembling a condense aid that might help playing the game with less mental puzzlement.


    • jdglasco says:

      Bill, there is a system in the rules where you roll dice and it determines what the non-played figures do. The results are reasonably specific, clearly more than general guidelines. In fact, my son and I have played the game on the same side and used the system to determine entirely what the non-played figures do.


  3. jdglasco says:

    I use buildings that are scale to the figures, which seems to work fine. The ground scale for the Two Hour Wargames looks scaled in that close weapons seem to have a scale range of 1″ = 2 yards, medium range weapons seem to have a scale range of 1″ = 5 yards, and long range weapons seem to have a scale range of 1″ = 10 yards. It seems weird but seems to work. Remember that Nuts! and the other Two Hour Wargame rules are more cinematic rather than literal (like CD).


  4. Bill Owen says:

    I am still puzzling over Nuts’ game system which in broad outlines is coming into focus but suffers from not having a clear structure of when to do what. I think it’s the “programmed instruction” approach which I haven’t really tried yet. It may help get into a novel system but creates duplication and has you bouncing all through the book to look x, y and z. While others have made a nice 1 page flow chart which is a great mnemonic, I think new (or rusty) players would appreciate a more beefy version that would need to be several pages. So I’m making one!

    So do you compress scale w/r/t buildings? Meaning if your troops are 28mm, the buildings are N or HO scale? That works with microarmor using 1:800 or 1:1200 buildings and blocks of buildings. But partly because you don’t lift the roofs. If you are physically moving figures inside buildings, I think you might need to get closer in scale–but I don’t even have 28mm troops yet but that is my goal.

    In the meantime, I will use microarmor because that’s what I have. Because as they say “just play the game” …once you figure it out!


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