15th Panzer Division (May 1941) for Command Decision: Test of Battle

This is the second part of my revised Command Decision: Test of Battle order of battle for the German forces in North Africa in 1941. This one is for the 15th Panzer Division. It is based on its (primary source) organization chart for May 1941. It differs from the one presented in Benghazi Handicap in many ways, especially in the representation of the medium machineguns and mortars in the infantry battalions as well as some other corrections to the division’s units.

You can find the revised organization chart here: 15th Panzer Mid 1941



4 Responses to 15th Panzer Division (May 1941) for Command Decision: Test of Battle

  1. Bill Owen says:

    A great victory itself if you found a good game! So do you think Afrika II would work for a miniatures campaign?

    I have looked at a lot of different AK boardgames with the idea of using it as a campaign game, I’ve tended to veer towards simpler just so it doesn’t bog down. Here’s a thread from the TOB Forum:

    Have you got at least one foot back on the CD:TOB bandwagon? I remember you brought Piquet to the mall.

    After all the boardgame search, I have wondered if the transition from boardgame to table is just too kludgey. So…

    While I like CD:TOB a lot, for a campaign I have puzzled lightly about using Great Battles of WWII* and just skip the boardgame altogether. The advantages being: company-per-stand (easier to actually have all the stands that you need) and the ruleset is oriented to multi-day battles anyway. Might even make a modified Feldmachink for the campaign’s hidden movement (http://perfectcaptain.50megs.com/feldmach.htm).

    The challenge might be adding more nuanced supply but if it could not be swiped from a boardgame, my approach would be just make some supply categories and Make It Up initially and just the fact that there is limited supply would change usual gamer behavior. Probably have to adjust the numbers.

    *I don’t really like “bathtubbing” so would rather play the game at the right miniature unit scale in the first place.


    • jdglasco says:


      I don’t think you can really play a major campaign without bathtubbing. Division sized games don’t work that well with Command Decision. If you have a lot of time you could do a larger campaign with Command Decision. For that I would use some of the board games that just do a specific campaign. I think there are two called Crusader and Gazala that would work for that. You would probably have 30-50 CD brigade sized battles for either campaign. You could do a division level game like Great Battles, that would produce more manageable battles and probably fewer of them (as you could consolidate brigade battles into division size battles). The real expert on CD-board game campaigns is Dave Chappell. He has done a few Barbarosa and a few North Africa campaigns with CD. You might also look for Sam Mustafa’s new game, Rommel, which comes out in 2017 and is designed to fight division+ sized battles. Sounds interesting but all I know about it comes from his Meeples and Miniatures pod cast (http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/2/e/6/2e6a7cc982589754/meeplesandminiatures_ep179.mp3?c_id=12805050&expiration=1478826129&hwt=7e9189aeaab608c9e6c6dc13b53e8a37).


  2. Bill Owen says:

    Great job Jeff!


    • jdglasco says:

      Thanks Bill. I try to do more of the Germans this summer. I have gotten side tracked playing The Gamers Afrika II game. I thought about using it as a campaign engine, but I found it such a fun game that I have gotten a bit off topic.


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