More Optional and House Rules for Nuts! Final Version

Sorry to be absent for some time. The obligations of real life were filling up my time over the last six weeks, some of them quite expensive, like having a broken water pipe under your house fixed! Last weekend I tried to play the campaign game of Nuts! Final Version. It sort of worked, but there were some parts that just didn’t work that well. I found that the number of buildings in a sector in the terrain generation rules didn’t work at all. Also the troop density with even a 4′ x 4′ square board was just too high. I’ve compiled the changes I will use when I try the campaign game again in this file: house-rules-for-nuts-1-2. I also purchased the Nuts! Italy After Normandy supplement, which has a lot of great new rule ideas (sadly my copy suffered rain damage while in the outdoor mail box – sorry Oregon rain!). I highly recommend the Nuts! Italy After Normandy supplement. It has a lot of great ideas you can add to your game.

Here are some photos from the four missions I tried:

My squad on its 1st Mission (a patrol):


Mission 2: Attack



Mission 3: Attack (again)






Mission 4: Attack (again)




I didn’t have the right buildings so I made some floor plans with Word and they worked pretty well. I need to reprint them as my color printer cartridge was about out of ink:









7 Responses to More Optional and House Rules for Nuts! Final Version

  1. Bill Owen says:

    I posted a link to your optionals on the THW forum and a guy asked a question that I cannot answer because I am just not familiar enough with the game system or your optionals*.


    *I just played our first game and it was quite good. The only thing that seemed odd is the inability of having two separated groups (half squads) send up a flare and both rush the house that my troops were in. That would have divided their attention and fire but we played it as the game seems to say: finish the first insight for the first group and then finish the insight for the second group.


    • jdglasco says:

      They would still roll on the Recovery test. If they fail 1 die they are out of the fight, if they fail 2 then they are dead. That seems about right to me. If someone doesn’t like the rule, then they can change it, it’s their game and they can play it however they want.


  2. John Paul says:

    I’m glad you liked some of the new rules from Italy After Normandy.

    Check out more NUTS suggestions from my website

    In fact, please contact me about more IAN rules and ideas.
    Go to Kelly’s Heroes section of GamesterCrafter and use the Send Me Your Comments box.

    – John Paul


    • jdglasco says:

      John Paul, thanks I’ll check out your webpage as I’m really interested in your new ideas for Nuts!


    • jdglasco says:

      John Paul,

      You have lots of interesting ideas on your web page for Nuts! One thing I noted in the US Army ranks section is that Staff Sergeants commanded squads, the second in command was a Sergeant. A platoon sergeant held the rank of Technical Sergeant. A platoon leader was normally a 2nd Lieutenant. 1st Lieutenants were normally the company executive officer (the second in command). A company was commanded by a Captain; I’ve never heard of a major commanding a company (that’s a British thing); instead majors were usually the second in command of a battalion. Battalions were commanded by Lieutenant Colonels, but regiments and brigades were commanded by (full) Colonels, not Brigadier Generals. Divisions were commanded by Major Generals and the assistant division commander was a Brigadier General. I think the rest seems correct.


  3. Bill Owen says:

    Thanks for making these up. I posted a link to this page on the Nuts forum. Some day my new France ’40 guys and vehicles with get on the table. But right now tours and the olive grove require a lot of attention as it is spring here.


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