Nuts! Campaign 2nd Try (First Mission)

I took what I learned from playing my first Nuts! campaign and restarted a second campaign. Again my basic unit is an American infantry squad that is part of an American infantry division, a division that had not been part of D-Day, but was in the break out force. I started in week 2 of June, 1944. The first mission was a patrol mission. I had my squad (full strength with 12 men). The enemy PEFs were in areas 1, 3, and 5.

Here is the map that I made for the game:


As per my house rules (see the revised ones here: house-rules-for-nuts-1-3) each area is 2′ x 2′. Since I used a reduced ruler (2/3rds scale), that produced a 4′ x 4′ actual table size.

Here is the table set up, note that I’m using two dimensional buildings as per my earlier posts about my first Nuts! campaign.


You can see my squad entering at the lower right of the picture. Here’s them a bit closer:


Then the PEFs were assigned to the sectors 1, 3, and 5 (each die is a PEF):


Only the PEF in sector 1 (the lower right above) was real, and it was a weak German infantry squad:


With only 6 men, the Germans detached the LMG team and assistant squad leader to the woods to provide a base of fire. The squad leader and two other men rushed to get into the nearest house (he passed both rolls on the NPC reaction table):



The American squad (my campaign squad) failed a few initiative rolls, so they were trying to do the same, but having to catch-up in the race to the house. The five other men were under the assistant squad leader and trying to establish a supporting base of fire.


The game then became a battle for the house with the three Germans cautiously waiting inside and part of the American squad directly outside. The Americans won an initiative roll and threw hand grenades and fired into the building through the windows. The rest was pretty quick and bloody. The Americans had 2 KIA and 4 WIA (out of the fight). One soldier, Private Van Meter, ran away! The Germans lost 1 KIA, 2 WIA (out of the fight) and 1 WIA (walking wounded – see the Italy After Normandy supplement for how that works). The last German opted to beat a hasty retreat along with the walking wounded German.

Here is Private Van Meter’s less than glorious departure from the battlefield:


In the end, it was a successful, but costly mission. Two of the WIA (out of the fight) squad members returned immediately to the squad, while two ended up in the hospital. Private Van Meter came back, but I decided to see if his REP went down, and it did to REP 2! The German Campaign Morale also decreased from 3 to 2. The next mission would be an Attack mission. I only got 1 REP 3 replacement, so my squad would enter the next mission with only 9 men (3 short).


2 Responses to Nuts! Campaign 2nd Try (First Mission)

  1. John Hovey says:

    Thanks for the AAR. Great the German morale went down but your squad is getting a bit light. I look forward to the next game.


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