Nuts! Campaign 2nd Try (Second Mission)

A day or two after I was able to play the first mission in my Nuts! campaign (the second try), I was able to play the second mission, this time an attack mission. The attack was made in daylight with clear weather. The terrain was wooded (see map below). I give the attacker his squad and two rolls on the reinforcement table. My two rolls were another squad & bazooka team and another squad, so basically I had my full platoon minus any casualties in the 1st Squad from the first mission. For the map, I used 2′ x 2′ terrain sectors (rather than the standard 1′ x 1′ sectors), and it worked very well. I also used a ruler reduced to 2/3rds normal size with my 15mm figures to provide a true ground scale; the overall table area was then 4′ x 4′. Both sides had an investment level of 4 (3 + 1 for attack mission). To represent some intelligence, I also rolled out 6 possible enemy PEFs, and then I rolled for which one to use when a PEF is revealed. Three were enemy infantry squads in defensive positions, one was a machinegun squad with two MG42s, one was the rest of the platoon, and one was a StuG IIIG.

Here is the map I used (at the top of the map are sectors 1, 2, and 3):


I allowed the Americans to enter in waves as long as half of their force entered on the first turn and I predesignated where the rest would enter and on what turn.

On the left is the 1st Squad, to be followed by the 3rd Squad with the platoon bazooka team and the platoon leader. On the right is the 2nd Squad with the platoon sergeant (click on any photo for a larger view).


Here is the 1st Squad:


Here is the 2nd Squad and platoon sergeant:


The PEFs turned out to be in one in sector 1 and 2 in sector 2 (the dice mark PEFs):


2nd Squad moved forward and spotted the PEFs in sector 2 first; one was nothing, but the other was a German infantry squad in defensive positions:


That looked like a formidable obstacle, then the Americans got 2 Sherman (M4/75s) as reinforcements:


1st Squad moved forward on the left to the edge of the woods and spotted the PEF in sector 1, a StuG IIIG:


There was then an armored stand-off as the Shermans did not want to move forward to engage the StuG IIIG as that would put them in range of a panzerfaust at the bridge. The American plan was to move the bazooka team forward before the StuG IIIG could move up. With some failed German activation rolls, this happened.


The bazooka team won the insight check and fired first:


Hit! One destroyed StuG IIIG:


Then a random event, a soldier in 2nd Squad had stepped on a land mine (4 WIA – OOF, 3 down and 1 walking wounded):


The remainder of the 2nd Squad tried to move forward to engage the German infantry at the bridge; another random event and a second land mine, again stepped on by a member of 2nd Squad (2 KIA & 1 WIA -OOF, all down):


Finally, the rest of 2nd Squad and elements of the 3rd Squad were able to engage the German infantry and got decisive results:


One of the German survivors was the panzerfaust soldier who failed his morale badly:


The American tanks then advanced up the center towards the bridge, as did 1st Squad on the left, the remaining German was taken out:


The mission was a success for the Americans. American casualties were mostly in the 2nd Squad and mostly due to mines: 2 KIA, 4 WIA – OOF, 1 WIA – walking wounded, and 1 soldier ran. The 3rd Squad suffered the only other American casualty: 1 WIA – OOF. The Germans lost the entire crew of the StuG IIIG and the infantry squad lost all six: 3 KIA, 2 WIA – OOF and 1 run away.

After the mission, the 1st Squad got two replacements (11 soldiers total) and the 2nd and 3rd each got one replacement bringing them both to 9 men each. The German Campaign Morale and Investment level both went down by one to 2 for each.

Overall, with my modifications, I felt the Nuts! system worked well. I was not sure about using the Random Events rolls, but I think they worked well into simulating the 2nd Squad stumbling into some old land mines. The reinforcement rules also worked well, especially for the Americans. Had they not gotten their two Sherman tanks, the infantry platoon would have had a harder time defeating the Germans with a StuG IIIG assault gun.


2 Responses to Nuts! Campaign 2nd Try (Second Mission)

  1. Bill Owen says:

    Glad to see your write-up. I still haven’t tried out the Nuts! game system but encouraged that it seems to work well for you. I have 9 vehicles to finish up (decals coming by sneakernet) in January …and perhaps with that “postman” I will try out a game then. I certainly have enough infantry (about 160) plus a selection of MGs, Brens, and mortars. All for France ’40.


    • jdglasco says:


      I’d just start out with a single squad on a patrol mission. That will give you a good idea of how the rules work without trying out too much at once. Vehicles are easy to use, but I’ve never tried more than 2 or 3 a side at once.


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