Suggestions for a Roman era skirmish set of rules?

I am trying to find a set of skirmish (1 figure = 1 man) wargame rules that would work for the Ancient era, specifically we are going to use them to play Romans versus Germans. I have tried Two Hour Wargames Swordplay rules, but they were too fast play. I am looking for something with more “meat” like wounds and skills for each figure. Any suggestions? Please post your ideas via a comment and thanks in advance.


6 Responses to Suggestions for a Roman era skirmish set of rules?

  1. jdglasco says:

    Thanks to everyone that has posted and will post in the future. I’ll look over a these ideas and a few more I find on my own.


  2. Mark says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I don’t recall if these came up when we were talking about gladiator games a couple of years ago. After reading your post I vaguely recalled having seen that Avalon Hill had a gladiator game, I looked it up. Surprisingly titled Gladiator, they might be worth a try.

    The charts are fairly extensive, covering character types & combat– including wound placement.

    There’s a slightly fan-modified set of rules on Board Game Geek–with original graphics and layout–and some discussion:

    While searching for a simple multiplayer Western game, our gaming group modified the movement rules to Boot Hill for a tabletop without hexes, which worked out pretty well, and used arc of fire templates to replace the hex diagrams.



  3. Chris Fawcett says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Sword and Spear, but finding a copy nowadays may be a problem.


  4. I haven’t tried these myself, but they appear to meet at least some of what you’re looking for. They are rather brief–perhaps they could serve as the basis for more elaborate rules…

    Best regards,



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