Warburg (Seven Years’ War) with Volley & Bayonet (2nd edition)

In December, Mark and I were able to meet up again and play a game after a long break, which was due to many factors. Mark ran the Battle of Warburg with Volley & Bayonet (2nd edition). It was one of the best games of Volley & Bayonet that Mark and I have played over the years. I managed to squeak out a minor victory, but it was a very well played game by both sides. I think the game worked well as with the large movement rates in Volley & Bayonet, you are never sure where the other side will attack. The lack of command and control rules did not really impact the game. It was a very enjoyable game. I think I liked the lack of waiting for cards that seems to be the take-away from the many Piquet Field of Battle games I have recently been playing.

Here is the scenario we played (which was designed by Mark): Warburg

Mark provided the figures, the terrain, lunch and the photos (I forgot to bring my camera).

Here are some photos of the game:

I have not idea why my finger is pointing at that stand.

2 Responses to Warburg (Seven Years’ War) with Volley & Bayonet (2nd edition)

  1. jdglasco says:

    A friend of mine once declared that, “Volley and Bayonet is simple, but not simplistic.” I have found those sentiments to be very true. The generous movement rates mean you never know what the enemy will do as they can move so far in a single turn.


  2. Bill Owen says:

    Good to hear about. It’s great when someone else does most/all of the set-up of a game isn’t it? V&B has subtle features built into it so that there is more than meets the eye.


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