Fritz & Ernst

In all of my American Revolution miniature wargames, I include Fritz and Ernst as part of the observers of the battle. It is a bit strange, but it is now part of my wargame rituals (like baseball players who always wear the same socks if they are “hot”). The figures were part of the Blue Moon 15mm French and Indian Wars civilians. The only person who ever noted their presence was  Ian of Warflag fame. Here are a few pictures of Fritz and Ernst I found in recent photos:


A game AAR from a couple of Piquet: Cartouche American Revolution games will follow soon!


2 Responses to Fritz & Ernst

  1. Nice idea having them hanging round as history is made!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Doh! Love it. I can’t believe I missed them!! And me, a big fan of Chauncey and Edgar.


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