18 C Mr Nutall ad Mr Custance

I have started this blog to post wargame ideas and news that I have. Keeping it updated has not been as easy as I thought it would! About me, I’m a history professor at a liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest where I teach European History. I’ve been playing miniature wargames since 1982 and before that I played board wargames (since about 1975 – when I was but an elementary school kid).


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  1. Peter Fry says:

    Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. Do you know of any wargamers in or near SW Washington? I have a small 25mm French Napoleonic army and I’m working on 28mm AWI troops – I’ve got a Warlord Games Black Powder ruleset but I’m interested in any rules or period if I can find some likeminded gentlemen.


    • jdglasco says:


      I don’t know as southwestern Washington is pretty far from me (I’m in Salem). There is a gaming convention, Enfilade!, in Olympia. You might check that out as I know there are lots of wargamers in Washington.


      • Pete Fry says:

        Thanks – you’re about an hour and ten minutes away in light traffic so maybe one day we’ll get a chance to meet – on your recommendation I’ll be going to Enfilade – looks like a fun weekend.


  2. Bob Martin says:

    I live in Santa Clarita & am looking for wargame players (board and/or Napoleonic minatures). If you are interested, or know of anyone who is could you contact me? Thanks


  3. Jeff
    I have a new set of battalion rules out jut published by On Military matters. They are called Light Bobs. I would like to get you a pdf versi0n if you’d like? More on the rules at http://www.dayofbattle.com.

    I have some of your posts there which direct back to you.

    Chris P.
    also visit my new news blog


  4. Bill Owen says:

    What if scenario for VNB re Brit intervention in ACW. Too crazy?


    • jdglasco says:

      Given the high levels of anti-slavery sentiment in almost every level of British society, it would have been almost impossible for a British government to intervene in the American Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. In Britain, the war was seen as one about slavery, and the Confederacy was not popular due to their fighting to preserve slavery. A British government that tried to send troops to aid the Confederates would not have lasted long. On the other hand, the French could have sent a force to help the Confederates. The French didn’t need Confederate cotton, but they needed a war to take public attention away from internal economic problems, which is why the French sent troops to Mexico. I’ll post Greg Novak’s old French Intervention rules as a regular blog post.


  5. Scott says:

    Live on Kings Valley HWY outside Corvallis. Between painting war gaming units we are putting together a 20 acres vineyard (Pinot Noir of course). When you are back in Oregon drop me an email. Eighteenth century battles are most civilized in the wine tasting room.


  6. greenknight4 says:

    I have been on your mailing list for awhile. I realize that the web can be a very vague vehicle with little thanks so here is my thanks to your for a great blog and so much useful information.

    Sincerely Chris P.


  7. Anonymous says:

    My name is Kurt R. If you do FB, please find our group, “Old SchoolGamers” and join. Please pass this invite to Bill Winski as well. I think you both would appreciate the contributors and posts in this group. Thanks for your article on Bill and Things for Thinkers.


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