Fritz & Ernst

May 19, 2019

In all of my American Revolution miniature wargames, I include Fritz and Ernst as part of the observers of the battle. It is a bit strange, but it is now part of my wargame rituals (like baseball players who always wear the same socks if they are “hot”). The figures were part of the Blue Moon 15mm French and Indian Wars civilians. The only person who ever noted their presence was  Ian of Warflag fame. Here are a few pictures of Fritz and Ernst I found in recent photos:


A game AAR from a couple of Piquet: Cartouche American Revolution games will follow soon!


Gentlemanly Wargaming now has its own camera

September 19, 2015

In the past I had relied on Mark’s wonderful camera ability for most of the pictures on this blog. However, I wanted to be able to take pictures of the solo games I played and some of the figures I had painted. The problem was that I had not owned a camera since I was about 12 years old and I don’t have a smart phone (I don’t have a cell phone at all, but that’s another story). I decided that I needed to remedy this problem. Yesterday I was reading about taking pictures of miniatures and at possible cameras. My wife informed me that she had a digital camera that she really didn’t use anymore and I could use it. It was a few years old, but since I know almost nothing about taking pictures, I felt that wouldn’t really matter as long as it had a decent macro mode. So these are some of my first attempts at photographing miniatures. Let’s see how they look once they get on the blog.

I started with some 15mm Blue Moon cowboys that I have painted (they still needed to be dullcoated).





Those seemed to turn out all right so I tried a 25mm Old Glory Mexican Revolution figure I had painted some time ago.



I then tried an extra 15mm American Revolution dragoon (Stone Mountain).


The above photo was raw with no automatic image correct. Looks all right.


The above photo was redone with the image auto correct function. I think it looks a little better.

Overall, the photos seemed decent enough for my first try so I’ll keep taking more pictures; even if they are not great, they do add to the content of the blog.

Four Year (and a few days) Anniversary

October 27, 2014

On October 24 or so, Gentlemanly Wargaming (formerly El Granadero Loco) hit our four-year anniversary. In those four years we have had 40,000 views. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and I’ll keep posting for at least another four years.


Time for a new name for the blog

June 7, 2014

I’ve come to be more interested in wargaming the wars of the Age of Reason (1700-1815 and a bit more into the 19th Century). The new name also reflects my new style of gaming; one or two gamers, a friendly game, and plenty of whisky (plus a dog or two around).

18 C Mr Nutall ad Mr Custance

I don’t have a hunting dog, so my Labraweenie will have to do (she does do that pointing thing when we walk around the park so she must have some hunting dog in her).

Heidi the Dog

I’ll be back soon!

April 7, 2014

I am not dead yet! (to quote a line from Monty Python). My new puppy is still taking up a lot of time with her dog schools and training. I wish dogs potty trained as quickly as cats! I’ve been rebasing my 15mm American Revolution figures of Piquet; yes the original version, not Field of Battle, which is good for multi-player games, but I like the more detailed original Piquet for 1 or 2 player games. I like Volley and Bayonet, but Piquet won out for tactical American Revolution games. One thing I need to do is get a camera or something that will take pictures as it seems that you really need pictures for a blog these days.

Otherwise I’ve devoted most of my hobby time to painting new figures as I think I have got a lifetime of unpainted figures to work through. My other projects include rebasing my 6mm (really 8mm Adlers) to try out Fast Play Grande Armee and give my American Civil War version of Fast Play Grande Armee a few more gos as I’ve had some new ideas about how to make that work. I’ve been also thinking about World War Two as I have a lot of 1/285th scale figures (I’m still interested in Nuts! by Two Hour Wargames for 15mm skirmish games). After spending too much time reading about rules, my World War Two choices have come down to either original Piquet (with heavily revised rules) or Command Decision. Piquet will take some work to create my own version of a World War Two supplement, but it is easier and more fun to play. Command Decision is more complete, but I don’t really like the Test of Battle version and the version I do like (3rd edition) makes my head swim when I look at all those little support and command stand. I’ll post more about my adventures with World War Two rules later.

I am also thinking about renaming my blog to go along with my new interests, but that will come later.