Original Rights & Treason Material

February 14, 2015

Joe asked for this so I thought I would post it as it is hard to find. All Rights & Treason material is copyright by Sam A. Mustafa.

Basic Rule Notes: Rights-and-Treason

Rights and Treason Charts: Rights and Treason Charts

Both of the above files are by Sam Mustafa

Fast Play Rights & Treason (Fast Play Grande Armee) Version 1.3

February 10, 2015

In some recent comments, I mentioned my attempt to do a Fast Play Grande Armee set of charts for the American Civil War. Looking at my blog, I realized that I had not posted the updated version of the charts. They are loosely based on Sam Mustafa’s Rights & Treason variant for Might & Reason and his Fast Play Grande Armee rules. If you have the Fast Play Grande Armee rules, you can work out the charts. I think that with some of the campaign rule ideas from Blucher, I can actually make the Napoleonic Fast Play Grande Armee rules and my Fast Play Rights & Treason rules work for a campaign (more on that later).

Here is the third version of the rules: ACW Charts v 1.3 16 gun