American Revolution Strength Returns for 1777 in the New York Public Library Digital Collection.

August 23, 2016

1st NH Return

While doing a bit of Google-Fu on the Internet, I found that there were several strength returns for American units in the 1777 Northern Campaign among the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection. I have never seen most of these referenced in a secondary source, so they were quite a find. Here are the ones that I could find:

John Ashley’s (1st Berkshire Massachusetts) Militia Regiment (July 1777): (This is a very rare militia unit strength return)

1st New Hampshire Regiment (July 1777):

3rd New Hampshire Regiment (July 1777):

Nixon’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Brewer’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Marshall’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Alden’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Bailey’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Learned’s Brigade (July 1777):

(the first regiment is van Schaick’s 1st New York Regiment – the writing is not very clear, but the comments below make it clear as to which unit it is as van Schaick had been sent to Tyron County to raise the militia.)

Schuyler army-level return (July 1777):

Gates army-level return (October 1777):

American Casualties at First Saratoga (September 1777):



American Return October 1777

May 6, 2014

I’ll slowly post some of the primary sources I found in my Saratoga research for others to use. I spent hours looking for these and I have a strong Google-Fu (search abilities). I wish someone else had posted all of the primary sources on their site. The first is a return of American forces for October 1777 (Saratoga I). It doesn’t have all of the militia units, but it does have the returns for each Continental brigade (I have never found or seen references to a surviving regimental return) and the militia attached to each Continental brigade.

American Forces Saratoga Oct 1777

After Action Report for Crete (1941)

September 10, 2012

Mark noted that he was interested in some sort of game involving the German invasion of Crete in 1941. I realized that I had a very good primary source after action report about the action so I’m posting it for him and anyone interested. There are two parts to the report:

Crete 1

Crete 2

British AAR for Garden (of Market-Garden)

September 21, 2011

More and more primary sources are showing up in the odd corners of the Internet. As a historian, these are the sort of documents I tend to search out for my work as a historian and for my wargames. I found these very detailed After Action Report by the British 21st Army Group for Operation Garden (the ground part of Market Garden). I can’t remember where I found it but as it is not a copywrited document (as a historical document), I’ll repost it for anyone interested in the British ground side of Operation Market Garden.

21 Army report