Games Played (catching-up) Lion Rampant

January 7, 2018

The last couple of months have been busy ones. I managed to get the flu for two weeks and then recover only to get the flu again for another three weeks. Then there was the normally busy end of semester and final exam week that is part of my job as a college professor. I did managed to get in a few games in November and December.

In November, Ian (Mr. Warflag) ran a second Franco-Prussian War game using Field Field of Battle (2nd edition). This time he made large bases so that the brigades were on a single base much like Volley and Bayonet bases. I think this worked much better for a large game as it allowed the players to more quickly move their units. Again, the Piquet Field of Battle system worked for larger battles. Each unit was a brigade rather than a battle. Ian made the revised scales, which seemed to capture the larger scale well. I think I took pictures of the game, but I can’t seem to find them!

In December, my son and I played a game of Song of Blades and Heroes. It was my second game and my son’s first game with these rules. We played an ancient Roman and German game. I had six Romans versus my son’s ten Germans. Each side was roughly 400 points. I thought the game worked well and captured the back and forth nature of hand to hand combat. The game took about two hours, which was short to me, I played a lot of 12 hour long wargames back in the 1980s and 1990s, but my son felt the game went on a bit too long. We will try a zombie game using the similar Fear and Faith rules later his January. Again, no pictures as we just wanted to play the game.

Also in November, I played in Ian’s Lion Rampant game. The game was set in a mythical King Arthur era. Arthur and his Christian allies had to help some monks escape from the advancing Saxons. There were about 9-10 units per side with three players per side. The game was fun, but we could have clearly read the rules more before the game. In the end, Arthur failed, the Saxons were able to fight their way to the monks and kill a few of them, with the rest retreating to their monastery. It was a fun game, and the rules seem very well thought out. Ian and some of the other players took a few pictures and they are below:

Figures were provided by Ian and Jeff. The game was played on Ian’s excellent terrain. Photos by Ian and Jim. My son (the young guy in the hoodie) was able to join us and enjoyed the game.