Command Decision Test of Battle: Allied Order of Battle for Market Garden

April 29, 2017

I have still been swamped with work and family obligations, but along the way I thought about doing some sort of Market Garden Campaign (1944). I looked at all of the 1 stand = 1 company rules, but I’m not so sure that they are at the level I am most interested in. Instead, I’ve been thinking about trying Command Decision: Text of Battle. In the past I have played a lot of games using the first and second editions of Command Decision and a few games with the third edition, but not many with the Test of Battle edition. Here is the Allied Order of Battle for the Market Garden Campaign in terms of Command Decision: TOB organizations. I have roughed out the German Order of Battle, but that still requires a lot of work given how chaotic the German organizations were. This is a big file (50+ pages), so you can see where my little free time has gone over the last couple of months.

CD TOB Allied Market Garden web


British AAR for Garden (of Market-Garden)

September 21, 2011

More and more primary sources are showing up in the odd corners of the Internet. As a historian, these are the sort of documents I tend to search out for my work as a historian and for my wargames. I found these very detailed After Action Report by the British 21st Army Group for Operation Garden (the ground part of Market Garden). I can’t remember where I found it but as it is not a copywrited document (as a historical document), I’ll repost it for anyone interested in the British ground side of Operation Market Garden.

21 Army report