American Revolution Strength Returns for 1777 in the New York Public Library Digital Collection.

August 23, 2016

1st NH Return

While doing a bit of Google-Fu on the Internet, I found that there were several strength returns for American units in the 1777 Northern Campaign among the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection. I have never seen most of these referenced in a secondary source, so they were quite a find. Here are the ones that I could find:

John Ashley’s (1st Berkshire Massachusetts) Militia Regiment (July 1777): (This is a very rare militia unit strength return)

1st New Hampshire Regiment (July 1777):

3rd New Hampshire Regiment (July 1777):

Nixon’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Brewer’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Marshall’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Alden’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Bailey’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Learned’s Brigade (July 1777):

(the first regiment is van Schaick’s 1st New York Regiment – the writing is not very clear, but the comments below make it clear as to which unit it is as van Schaick had been sent to Tyron County to raise the militia.)

Schuyler army-level return (July 1777):

Gates army-level return (October 1777):

American Casualties at First Saratoga (September 1777):


Camden (1780) Scenario for Piquet/Cartouche

July 26, 2016


Here is another American Revolution scenario for Piquet/Cartouche. This one is for the 1780 Battle of Camden. It is an interesting scenario given the variety of troops in each army and the clear disparity in overall commander levels. It is also basically a battle fought in a large section of light woods, so expect a lot of close engagements in the battle. You can find the scenario file here: Camden August 2016

As time allows (I have to start working at least half time again and I’m going on vacation in August) I’ll try and revise more scenarios. As my interest has been the Southern Campaign, most will come from that part of the war.


Cowpens (1781) Scenario for Piquet/Cartouche

July 25, 2016


I’ve had a busy summer so far with relatives visiting and clearing out a large dumpster worth of garbage from our house. I don’t know why I still had papers from graduate school around given that I completed my Ph.D. 15 years ago! Now back to do some gaming, especially since my game room has been completely cleaned up. Going through my files I realized that I had a complete scenario for the American Revolution Battle of Cowpens for Piquet/Cartouche. You can access the scenario here: Cowpens Battalion Scale July 2016


15th Panzer Division (May 1941) for Command Decision: Test of Battle

June 5, 2016

This is the second part of my revised Command Decision: Test of Battle order of battle for the German forces in North Africa in 1941. This one is for the 15th Panzer Division. It is based on its (primary source) organization chart for May 1941. It differs from the one presented in Benghazi Handicap in many ways, especially in the representation of the medium machineguns and mortars in the infantry battalions as well as some other corrections to the division’s units.

You can find the revised organization chart here: 15th Panzer Mid 1941


5th Light (Leichte) Division (early 1941) for Command Decision: Test of Battle

June 4, 2016

I’ve finally survived my semester from hell. I had to take over another professor’s class due to their having medical issues which left them unable to teach the course. That rarely happens at the college/university level. This is the first time in 20 years I have had to take over another professor’s course (and only the 4th time I have seen this happen). As our History courses are not all the same, it was a lot of work. The other professor taught the course as more of a literature course, and I had to transform it back to more of a regular History course so I could teach it (the literature approach is not my forte). I finished grading finals for all of my courses last week (I taught five over the semester, three is pretty standard). I really needed a break from academia so I started to read through the wargame files on my computer.

Something World War Two seemed most interesting. I’ve still got the Stolberg campaign around, but I was attracted to my real World War Two interest: North Africa 1940-1942. I had always wanted to do some sort of campaign with Command Decision and North Africa. In the past, one of my friends, Dave in France, did part of a 1940 campaign using the DAK2 game as the board and control mechanism. It was a 1-3 bathtub style campaign. That looked interesting to me, but it covered a lot of time, probably more than I wanted to play in my first campaign. I thought that either Rommel’s First Campaign or the Crusader Campaign looked very interesting as both were mobile campaigns and either side could have won or lost.

I read through the orders of battle and unit organization tables. The Italian ones, done by my friend Arturo, were amazing, I could not find anything that seemed off, and they had a lot of information I didn’t know. The British charts seemed solid as well. In comparing the German charts against the actual Kriegsgliederungs I noticed that they didn’t really match the primary source information. So I decided to revise them for my own use. I’ll add them on this blog for your use as well.

The first one up is the 5th Light (Leichte) Division. This organization table/order of battle covers the division from its landings in Libya in early 1941 to its conversion to the 21st Panzer Division in August 1941.

Click here for a .pdf copy: 5th Light Division 1941