Camden (1780) Scenario for Piquet/Cartouche

July 26, 2016


Here is another American Revolution scenario for Piquet/Cartouche. This one is for the 1780 Battle of Camden. It is an interesting scenario given the variety of troops in each army and the clear disparity in overall commander levels. It is also basically a battle fought in a large section of light woods, so expect a lot of close engagements in the battle. You can find the scenario file here: Camden August 2016

As time allows (I have to start working at least half time again and I’m going on vacation in August) I’ll try and revise more scenarios. As my interest has been the Southern Campaign, most will come from that part of the war.



Cowpens (1781) Scenario for Piquet/Cartouche

July 25, 2016


I’ve had a busy summer so far with relatives visiting and clearing out a large dumpster worth of garbage from our house. I don’t know why I still had papers from graduate school around given that I completed my Ph.D. 15 years ago! Now back to do some gaming, especially since my game room has been completely cleaned up. Going through my files I realized that I had a complete scenario for the American Revolution Battle of Cowpens for Piquet/Cartouche. You can access the scenario here: Cowpens Battalion Scale July 2016


Cowpens 1781 for Johnny Reb 3/AWI

February 5, 2015

Cowpens is the real test game for American Revolution rules for me. It has a variety of troops, including artillery, infantry, riflemen and a large percentage of cavalry units. This is the first battle I will play once I rebase my 15/18mm American Revolution figures. Below is a full scenario for this battle using my Johnny Reb 3/AWI variant.

Click here for the scenario: Cowpens Feb 2015

Die Kriegskunst for the American Revolution

March 26, 2013

This Saturday, Mark and I will be giving Cowpens another go. This time we will use an American Revolution variant  of Die Kriegskunst, which is part of the General de Brigade rules. I like how they read, but we’ll see how they play.

Here is the scenario and the revised charts:

Cowpens Dec 2012

Kriegskunst AWI charts full

Order of Battle for Camden 1780 for Volley & Bayonet

December 9, 2012

As I’m thinking of using Volley & Bayonet for the American Revolution, I’ve been revising some old orders of battle in preparation of making them full scenarios. Here is my draft order of battle for Camden 1780 for Volley & Bayonet. It is at the Wing Scale (1 SP = 50 men or 1 gun). Not a full scenario, but hopefully a useful start for those wanting a detailed order of battle for Volley &  Bayonet games or any other wargame rule system.

Camden Wing Dec 2012