Good maps for Brandywine 1777

April 25, 2015

While looking for information about the Battle of Long Island, I stumbled across two good maps that you could use for a Brandywine wargame scenario. Both show the terrain as close as possible to what it was like in 1777.

The first one (see below) can be found at: Go to this link from the same page:, then click on select a battlefield for more maps. Some are very good (like the Camden and King’s Mountain maps). The Guilford Courthouse map suffers from some order of battle errors and lacks the fields that the American militia lined up along.



The second one (see below) can be found at: This site also has a variety of other useful maps about the Battle of Brandywine.







Brandywine for Volley & Bayonet

December 26, 2013

Here is my working Order of Battle and map for playing the American Revolution Battle of Brandywine (1777) with Volley & Bayonet. Someday I’ll work out the entire scenario, but this is at least a start. Both the map and OB are revisions of early versions I have posted.

Brandywine 1-200 December 2013 (OB material)

And the map:

Brandywine VnB

Guilford Courthouse Map

December 12, 2013

Someone asked about where I got my base map for my Guilford Courthouse map. I found the map below on the A Miniature History of the American Revolution blog. The map is based on a modern map (complete with contour lines). I know that the map differs from the maps created during the American Revolution, but maps of the 18th Century were often not as exact as modern maps.

Map for Guilford Courthouse Project

Brandywine for Volley and Bayonet (in progress)

January 17, 2012

I’m working on a revised scenario for Brandywine (1777 – American Revolution) for Volley and Bayonet. Until I get the entire scenario revised here is the map I’ll use (regimental scale, 1″ = 100 yards):

Mapping Program

December 15, 2011

I found a new mapping program via a discussion in Command Decision: Test of Battle discussion forum. You can get it here: I found it very easy to use, and I’m not that computer friendly and not the most artistic in terms of 2 dimensional art. This program will help me produce the maps I need to make more VnB scenarios. Here is a map I made for Guilford Courthouse (click on the image for a larger version):